Kids We Serve


At TBEA, we understand the importance of early childhood development.  We believe there are key elements to building a strong foundation and that begins during the ages of 18 -30 months.  Our toddler program is structured to develop fine and gross motor skills, strengthen speech and language development as well as physical and cognitive development.  Your toddler will participate in creative art, music and movement and 2 hours of outdoor play on a daily basis.  They will learn responsibility and respect towards others which will help to bridge the transition into the preschool program.

Class ratio: Minimum 3 Educators (1 ECE, 2 Assistants) per 15 children



Children ages 2.5 to 4 years of age will take part in our preschool program which focuses on stimulating creativity and problem-solving. At this age, children thrive using visual aids and by doing things themselves. This is a very important stage as children begin to really embrace learning and absorb new information. As such, at TBEA we emphasize numeracy knowledge and skills, socio and emotional development, as well as language and writing. Our curriculum includes fun and stimulating projects which you will observe upon visiting the centre.

Class ratio: Minimum 3 Educators (2 ECE, 1 Assistant) per 24 children