Program Fees

  • $335
  • per week
  • Part Time (3 full days) – $225/week
  • Part Time (2 full days) – $170/week
  • Full Day – $80/day
  • 15 – 30 months old
  • Hot Meals Included
  • Play Activities
  • 2 Hours Outdoor Play
  • $275
  • per week
  • Part Time (3 full days) – $210/week
  • Part Time (2 full days) – $150/week
  • Full Day – $75/day
  • 30 – 48 months old
  • 2 Hours Outdoor Play
  • Hot Meals Included
  • Cognitive Learning


A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 is due at the time of enrolment. We also require a deposit of two weeks’ payment which will be applied to your child’s last two weeks of attendance.

Full and Part-Time Enrollment

Full Time – Five (5) Full days Monday through Friday (maximum 10 hours a day)
Part-Time – Five (5) half days Monday through Friday (7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) or three (3) full days (based on availability).


Child Care fees are calculated on weekly basis and are due every Friday in full for the following week regardless of the child’s absence due to illness, vacation (outside of your approved week), any unexpected centre closures or any other reasons. In the event that Friday is a statutory holiday, payment will be required on the preceding Thursday.

At TBEA, we currently accept two forms of payment; Pre-Authorized Debit and postdated cheques. In an attempt to ensure the safety of the staff and to minimize the risk of theft, payments by cash, certified cheque or money order will only be accepted if required by TBEA due to previous payment issues. If paying by this method, parents are required to hand payments directly to the Supervisor who will provide an unofficial receipt. A banking fee of $45 will be applicable to all NSF cheques.