Nutrition Plan

At TBEA, we strive to ensure the children in our facility receive nutritious meals, learn good eating habits and develop healthy attitudes toward food. Your child(ren) will spend a large part of their day in our care where they will receive at least half of their daily nutrition. As such, we believe it is very important to utilize this opportunity to help shape children’s eating habits to be as healthy as possible.

We invest significant time and effort to plan nutritious menus that will provide important vitamins, minerals and energy for your growing children. Furthermore, in order to ensure all our meals meet the requirements set out by the Ministry of Education and the Canada Food Guide, our menus are reviewed and approved by a Registered Nutritionist.

Our Nutritionist also ensures our menu items allow us to achieve a level of “Exceeds Expectations” on the Toronto Children’s Services Early Learning and Care Assessment for Quality Improvement Nutrition Guidelines.

Our menus operate on a four-week rotation and contain two snacks and a hot lunch on a daily basis.  Our meal preparation facility, as well as our daycare facility, are both Nut Free as we strive to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.  Furthermore, as we encounter children or varying backgrounds, our menus are also free of pork and beef items.



Sample Menu